About Us


Company Vision

Providing a range of services that are innovative, practical, and cost-effective to power companies.

Our Approach

Our approach is built around respect and efficiency. We are proud of our track record and our ability to work with the customer as a team to achieve their goals. Whether it is the engineering, planning or operations departments that we are working in, we can put people at ease and find common ground that makes working together a positive experience.

Our History

Barkley Technologies began in 1993 when Tim Bell left Ontario Hydro to work full time as a consultant. Tim’s experience with pole line design, construction and planning gave him the skillset to provide a multitude of services to power companies. As the business grew, the services continued to expand to meet the demand. GIS, GPS mapping and inventory provided opportunities in Ontario and eventually the Caribbean. The experience gained and the relationships formed working at island utilities led Barkley Technologies to assisting with restoration efforts for hurricanes Francis, Jean and Wilma in the Bahamas. Our reputation for being practical while at the same time leveraging modern technologies helped us to continue to expand as the power industry evolved. Working on wind and solar projects, providing transmission line design opened us to new markets that complimented our utility experience.